Well, two weeks down…

As I continue to settle into this new role of serving as pastor of Gardens I have experienced such joy and blessing during this first week (mixed in with a little cluelessness)! While I might not yet remember all your names, I have loved getting to meet each and every one of you and hear your stories.  It is a humble privilege to be your pastor and to be invited to share in your lives.  Thanks to all for your grace, mercy, and patience as I slowly start to figure things out.

I have especially loved engaging with you all around our month long sermon series and congregational conversation called, “Sent Ones.”  Together we are studying Mark 6 and learning that to be a follower of Jesus means to be someone who is sent out to offer the blessing, love, grace, and mercy of God in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to all those we meet.  As a church, I continue to pray that we would have Christ’s heart, hands, and feet.

Peace +++