Stronger Together- Our partnership with CROS Ministries

Mission Statement

CROS Ministries serves the hungry in Palm Beach and Martin Counties through community collaborations

Food Programs

CROS provides food pantries at various locations in Palm Beach County for needy families. CROS caring kitchens provide hot meals at a different location for each day of the week. 

In addition to food pantries and meals, CROS also provides opportunities to work directly in the fields of local farmers to gather produce. Gleaning is an Old Testament practice that points to the compassion God has for the poor and the foreigner. God commanded the Israelites to leave the margins of their field unharvested, not to pick up whatever produce fell to the ground, and to only harvest their vineyards once – leaving the un-ripened grapes for the gleaners. CROS coordinates gleaning with local farmers, generously allowing the produce to go to local food pantries. Gleaning for Gardens Presbyterian provides a fun, family friendly experience that benefits the community. It’s also a reminder of our connection to the hard-working laborers who pick the crops that appear on our grocery shelves.