Intergenerational Family Ministries at Gardens Presbyterian Church provides a spiritual home for families of all ages in the Northern Palm Beaches. We foster intergenerational love and support through educational and fun opportunities for fellowship and authentic friendships.

Activities that we have throughout the year include Easter Egg Hunt, Pizza and Karaoke Night, Souper Bowl of Caring, Bible and Mini Golf, Annual Picnic-at-the-Beach, Fat Tuesday on a Sunday, Game Days, Caroling and Pizza, Welcome Back Sunday, Movie Night, Caribbean Sunday, Kirkin’ O’ the Tartans, and many more.

Above is a picture of Fat Tuesday on a Sunday pancake fellowship in 2022.







Below is a picture of our Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday in 2024.

We believe that children are an integral part of our worship experience and are encouraged to attend. A Wiggle Space and Wiggle Bags are available for their use in the sanctuary during services.

Our Volunteer Grandparent program offers seniors an opportunity to assist in our Nursery and Sunday school classrooms.

We also partner with the Missions and Outreach Committee in supporting their projects in the community and the Worship and Music Committee on special church holidays.








Below is a picture of our church caroling at our locally Senior Living Facility, HarborChase in 2022.