These past three weeks we’ve been talking about “the generous life.”  The generous life is based on what I call the generosity equation that we find in the Scriptures, specifically in 2 Corinthians 9:11.  I’m summarizing here (go and read the Scriptures for yourselves if you don’t believe me…) but Paul basically says the following: 1) God gives good gifts and blessings generously to God’s people. 2) God’s people, who have received generously from God are called to be generous with others. 3) When God’s people share generously with others, others will come to know the love and blessing of a generous God, will come to be the recipients of God’s generosity as well, and then will in turn, bless others by being generous with others.

In other words, the generosity equation explains how, in some ways, the Kingdom of God expands and grows.  When God’s people are generous with others, others come to know of God’s love.  So how exactly are the people of God called to be generous? 1) Live generously. 2) Give generously. 3) Pray generously. So be generous y’all!

Peace +++