The white nationalist, white supremacy, Neo-nazi movements and other overtly racist groups, beliefs, and attitudes that were on display last weekend in Charlottesville, VA are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus and the opposite of the coming Reign of God that Jesus is ushering in.  There is no room for such hate, oppression, bigotry, intimidation, or violence in the Church or in the United States of America.  Two separate wars in two separate centuries on two separate continents have already been waged to eliminate these scourges.  As the people of God in Jesus Christ, we cannot be silent – for our silence would make us complicit in this evil – we must speak out against this kind of hatred.  More importantly, the Church must model a different quality of relationship that seeks to affirm the marginalized and empower the oppressed and build authentic relationships that transcend socio-economic, cultural, and racial barriers.

Additionally, we in the Church must declare that the insidious sin of white privilege, that for far too long has disadvantaged people of color against opportunities afforded to white people, must be acknowledged and repented.   There must be a commitment to a more just society in which equality for all despite the color of their skin is normative.  This is true in the Kingdom of God and as people of faith in Jesus Christ, we must seek to make it so here in this country, the United States of America, that is our home.

Through our lives and by our prayers, may the Reign of God come.

Peace +++