In 2016 I encouraged you all to join with me in praying three prayers:

1) that Jesus would be Lord of Gardens Presbyterian Church;

2) that the Holy Spirit would come in great and greater abundance and power to Gardens Presbyterian Church;

3) and the Spirit of God would direct us to new ministry and mission opportunities.

I would ask that you remain steadfast in praying these three petitions in 2017. To these three prayers I would also ask that you add a fourth. In many ways our work in 2017 and beyond will be like that of building a home – a spiritual home – if you will. We must lay the foundation through our faith in Jesus; we must build out the frame of the house by constructing policies and infrastructure; we must continue to develop a welcoming front door by assuring our worship services invite people into the presence of God in meaningful, relevant, and holy ways.

As we seek to build this spiritual home, please join me in prayer this year using the words of Psalm 127:1, “unless the Lord builds the house the laborers work is pointless.” Let us pray that it would be the Lord who is at work building God’s Spiritual Home at Gardens Presbyterian Church and that we would not fool ourselves into thinking this is solely our work to do on our own strength.