Jesus came proclaiming the Reign of God had arrived.

The Church proclaims that Jesus is the manifestation and presence of the Reign of God.

So what exactly was Jesus’ work and what exactly did Jesus do that manifested God’s Reign?

  1. Jesus included the un-included.
  2. Jesus invited people into friendship with himself and with others.
  3. Jesus met people’s material needs.
  4. Jesus challenged religious people who thought they knew everything about God.

As the Church, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to continue Jesus’ work of making the Reign of God present in this world. Therefore, as a Church we should make ourselves about doing the following…

  1. Being a Church that includes the un-included.
  2. Being a Church that invites people into friendship – not membership.
  3. Being a Church that meets people’s material needs.
  4. Being a Church that challenges religious people when we think we know everything about God.