This Sunday we’ll be continuing our Lenten sermon series called, An Offered Life, which follows Psalm 25.  Psalm 25 – and frankly all the other Psalms – invite us to practice honest prayer.  Perhaps you think that when you approach God in prayer you have to do so with a certain “holy decorum” as if you have to have your “act together” and be able to pray like a “pro.”  But reading and praying Psalm 25 and all the other Psalms blows up that way of thinking about prayer.  More than anything, prayer is open and honest conversation with God.  It’s our opportunity to tell God what we’re thinking, what’s on our heart, what’s not going well.  We don’t have to articulate perfect prayers, we don’t have to worry about editing certain content from our prayers.  God wants us to be in an honest and authentic relationship with Him and that means being honest and real and authentic in our time with God.  What’s most important in prayer is that we share with God our heart not that we ask for the “right things.”

Peace +++