I’m going to make two presumptions.  1) You have some kind of doubts or questions about your faith.  2)You think having doubts about your faith or spiritual beliefs is a problem…and maybe you even pretend they don’t exist because you feel like they’re unbecoming of a “holy and spiritual Christian.”  But the reality is that we all have doubt…and…you can’t have faith without doubt.  Faith means to trust in Jesus, but to trust in Jesus in the fog of not having all of our questions answered.  In many ways, faith requires that some doubt exist and be present…otherwise…it wouldn’t be faith, but would be certain knowledge or something along those lines.  This weekend we’ll be talking about Thomas and his own doubts about Jesus’ resurrection.  Thomas is much maligned as lacking faith, but maybe…just maybe…he’s really not such a bad dude after all and someone who can teach us what it means to be people of faith who doggedly pursue truth at all costs.

Peace +++