In a world of pipe bombs, anti-semitism, hateful bigotry, mass shootings, desperate refugees, hateful political rhetoric, and unhelpful deepening tribalism it requires great faith to believe that the Spirit of God is at work healing, transforming, redeeming, restoring, making new, and setting all things to right in this world.

But, what if…
…what if the people of God in Jesus Christ, the Church:

  • practiced only kind, generous affirming speech
  • refrained from violence of all kinds, even the expression of anger
  • focused on confessing our own sins instead of focusing on the sins of others
  • sought to alleviate hunger, food insecurity, and homelessness
  • ensured every child orphaned by tragedy found a forever family in which to be lovingly nurtured and raised
  • sought to welcome and show radical hospitality to every immigrant and refugee fleeing instability, poverty, and violence
  • committed herself to downward economic and social mobility and the practice of simplicity
  • sought to love, forgive, pray for, and earnestly desire the best and good for their enemies and those who have done them wrong instead of choosing vengeance and retributive justice

…what if the Church committed herself to these faithful practices?

Do you think the world would be changed?