We’re about halfway through Lent…maybe a little more than half way.  So how goes your Lent?

As we’ve talked about in worship on Sundays, Lent is a time to be introspective, to ask God to examine our lives and to show us the places that do not bring God glory and in which we need to repent.  So, I’m wondering, how is that conversation with God going for you? What questions are you asking God?  Where are the places in your life that you feel God is calling you into repentance or renewal?  Or are you having a hard time entering into that reflective space?

Is your life so busy, so chaotic, and so fast-paced that finding time to simply sit down and be quiet is a challenge.  If that’s your story this Lent, don’t beat yourself up.  (Remember I have two little kiddos at home so I definitely know that feeling of burning it at both ends and running around to the point of exhaustion.) But what I would say is allow the truth of that situation to be revelatory.  Recognize God’s calling to you in the chaos to slow down and to find some time to sit and be in God’s presence.

So here’s a challenge for you this week.  Find 15 minutes…maybe when you first get up, maybe over your lunch break, maybe right before you go to bed.  Find a quiet peaceful place…maybe a patio or a porch (patios and porches are glorious this time of year) and begin by sitting down, being still, and taking three deep breaths.  Then say a quick prayer, “God I invite you into this space, may you meet with me, and may you speak to me.”  Next open up your Bible and read Psalm 25.  Then take a blank notecard or piece of paper and a pen and ask God to teach you three things about your life, your relationship with Christ, and your spiritual journey…and then write those down.  Maybe God will bring to mind a place of great joy and blessing, maybe God will bring to mind a place in your life in need of repentance and renewal…whatever God says it will begin the process of initiating a spiritual conversation with God.

Try doing this a couple times a week.  Aaand…if you do try this, and God speaks to you, and you feel comfortable, please let me know what God is saying to you and speaking into your life.  I’d love to enter into these spiritual conversations with you, pray for you, and encourage you in your spiritual journey.

Peace +++