On behalf of the entire staff, we want to thank each and every one of you as we have learned together how to connect and worship virtually. We have learned how to stay connected while still being distant. Some Sundays were easier than others and some weeks things flowed smoothly while others were a bit more challenging. Thank you for having patience and grace with us the staff during this transition. Thank you for supporting your church during this pandemic. It is YOU, the members of Gardens Presbyterian Church that have keep this church together. Thank you for keeping your faith promises and supporting your church financially. This has been the most challenging year, but together, we have learned that GOD is with us in our worship whether we are in-person, on zoom, or in quiet personal prayer. GOD’s light shines in the darkness.

We are deeply grateful and thankful for all that we have, especially this year, and we hope you feel the same. We are reminded what a joy it is to slow down, gather with family and friends, (as much as the COVID-19 will permit us to) and enjoy the foods, traditions, and places that make this such a special time of year. We are also mindful that this pandemic has caused much anxiety, loss, and isolation for many people making this a very difficult year. We keep those people in our daily prayers. We are very appreciative to those essential workers especially the doctors and nurses in healthcare on the front lines dealing with this virus.

As we reflect on a year of unexpected and ever-changing circumstances, we are keenly aware of our constant and essential common bonds of humanity. Our world is not perfect, but every time we find and celebrate small moments of compassion, empathy, and love the world becomes a bit brighter. Those are the moments we see and know GOD is with us. We are hopeful for the new COVID-19 vaccine to become readily available and that we can return to in-person worship at some point in 2021. Until then it is still important that we continue to stay connected with one another by making phone calls, sending e-mails, or cards. Let us intentionally continue to be the church for one another as we lean into the Holy Spirit for guidance.

We wish you hope, peace, joy, and love this holiday season.
Merry Christmas and Cheers to a new 2021. 


~The Staff at Gardens Presbyterian Church