During the summer, the nursery will remain available to children ages birth to three.  All children four years old and older are invited to remain in the worship service seated and guided by their parents.  We recognize that as parents, it is not always easy to have our children with us during the worship service and at times we have to exercise great patience.  Do not worry! We are delighted to have our children join us in the worship service this summer.

We want to assist you as you “parent in the pews” this summer.  In order to do so we have a few new resources.  First, each Sunday morning their will be a Children’s Bulletin with different activities for children to do during the worship service.  Second, their will be sensory bags available for children featuring soft toys for them to play with.  Finally, we are creating a “wiggle space” in the back corner of the sanctuary.  The wiggle space will feature a table, some crayons, and a some other resources to help your children succeed in worship.  The wiggle space is intended to be an alternative space for you to be with your children during the worship service if they are in need of a “change of scenery.”  Feel free to get up and allow your children to walk and stretch their legs and engage in some of the activities in the wiggle space.

The wiggle space is not intended to be a place where children play unattended by their parents and their will be no GPC volunteers or staff there to coordinate the area.  You should feel free to come and go from the wiggle space as your child needs to during the worship service.  To that end, I would encourage all families to sit on the side of the sanctuary nearest the wiggle space to allow for the most effective and seamless ability to utilize this new resource.