Stronger Together- Our partnership with Burundi Orphan Relief

Mission Statement

African Solutions for African problems. Burundi Orphan Relief was founded in 2005 to address the desperate needs of orphans and at-risk children in Burundi, Africa. Burundi Orphan Relief works with local partners to place orphans in families and support needy children who lost their primary caregiver.

Burundi Orphan Relief Funds:

  • Food assistance
  • School uniforms and fees
  • Clothing
  • Health care
  • Recreational activities for social integration

Future Directions – The Graduation Project

A two-year path to self – sufficiency

  • Temporary food support while income producing assets are developed
  • Practical, hands-on skills training in an income generating activity
  • Asset Transfer. B.O.R. staff discusses the menu of livelihood options and corresponding assets with the beneficiaries. The goal is to match the right activity to the interest and skill sets of the beneficiaries.
  • Savings and Financial literacy. B.O.R. staff will work with each participant to create an individual savings plan with specific goals. Micro-loans will be incorporated to provide dedicated savings to cope with illness, market instability etc. The (nominal) interest charged on micro loans will also provide the means to expand to more participants and resiliency for any business failures.
  • Regular coaching. Monitoring and coaching will be provided by 2 volunteer B.O.R. staff. They will make bi-weekly visits, monitor progress and address problems. This relationship building component will provide mentoring, accountability, business planning advice, social support, encourage positive attitudinal changes and help ensure success for each participant.